Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wedding bears

Got back last night after four days of the most amazing wedding 'performance' that I have ever been to. We had little to do with the actual organisation of the event and so it was a pleasurable and anxiety free experience that just flowed over and around us.
I am still suffering from an 'excitement hangover', very tired! and so you will have to bear with me as it will take a while to bring out some little snippets of my memories.
And talking about 'Bears' I must show you the 'Forever Friends' wedding bears that I customised in the wedding colours. The little bride bear had her veil trimmed with diamante picot rings like Lindsay's, tatted motif of dimpled rings on her bodice, those dimpled rings get everywhere!! Headdress and bouquet match the theme. The groom was given swarovski buttons, hat band and feather, and roses to match his bride. They got to sit on the top table with Lindsay and Dermot. Just click on them if you want a closer look.


  1. Aw... They loook so pretty!

    Now that you finished with the wedding, what else you're going to play with? :-D

  2. The bears are such a cute touch!
    Glad all went well. Now relax and tat something just for fun.


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