Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wedding hankie

I got to work at the start of the year to make a wedding hankie for her. Encouraged by my lace guild I made it in Bandon Lace.
Yeah I know I said tatting but this is a bit of the 'More'. This a tape based lace named after the West Cork Village of Bandon where it was made up 'til 1931 when the lace industry failed. I guess I should tell you that I live in the South of Ireland.
This was only my second Bandon lace project. The cotton tapes are appliqued on to cotton net.
I dont know who designed the hankie but it will now be an heirloom in my family(I hope!)

This is the expanation of the symbolism,

Wedding Hankie

The Hankie is made in Bandon lace, it is for the Bride's Happy Tears. You must mop up the tears and frame the hankie, making sure not to wash away the happiness contained in it.

The outside edging of the hankie represents the 'Path of Life' which is mostly straight, but every now and then will hit a bump. You must work your way round the problem and carry on.

The Horseshoes are for fertility.

The Roses are your children, one for the mother, one for the father and one for your country. They are all part of the Circle of Life.

The Love Knot represents your love that will always keep you together, it binds a spray of leaves, a symbol of growth and blossoming in your new life together.

The little Shamrocks scattered about are for a little bit of luck.

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