Friday, August 11, 2006

Ring Pillow

One day and 4 hours to go, this computer insists on counting!!
Better show you my ring pillow, this is my something old made into sonething new.
Lindsay wanted to include a little bit of each grandparent, so this is made from a pretty blouse of my mothers. The ivory satin was a perfect match and we even used the buttons and appliqued on a motif from the blouse and decorated it with pearls. My friend Marj did all this and the computerised machine embroidery too.

My part was the tatted edging and motif to hold the ribbon, based on Emma Crew's 34 Hearts pattern.

Pity we don't have a ring bearer but I couldn't resist making a pillow. perhaps the best man will carry maybe not. There are two bridesmaids, one of them is Kat our Katrined friend from Biloxi Mississsippi. She just moved into a temporary real space to call her own in late June. Her neighbour owned a duplex that she rented out and it wasnt completey destroyed and is now habitable. Kat can see her empty very bare plot from her window, waiting for her to decide what to do on it.

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