Friday, September 15, 2006

WEdding hair and decorations

Wow, I can't believe that the wedding was a month ago. Life has only just settled back into 'normality' whatever that is.
So a few posts about the wedding are needed. First things first.... what did we wear.
Lindsay looked absolutely stunning, well I would say that wouldn't I ? Aren't all brides beautiful, yes but this was MY bride!
Her hair looked so amazing even the hairdresser wanted a photographic record! Trimmed with little bits of ivy and tatted dimpled ring flowers and the addition of two beaded fuchsias.
What would you give to have hair like that!

Remember the wedding theme was fuchsias ? well a great friend Estelle who lives in Virginia designed and made beaded fuchsias, what a talent. Lindsay had fuchsia earrings and a necklace in ivory with opal swarovskis, really something.

The dress was very simple and elegant, a beaded corset type top, laced at the back and a slim fishtail skirt with box pleats at sides and back trimmed with beaded panels.

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  1. Is the necklace also tatted it is beautiful

    Ginny and Omar in her kitchen while i am on vacation down here


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