Saturday, September 30, 2006

The session!

So was that the end!!!

Not at all, this was an Irish Wedding and they sure know how to party!!
In true style it continued for most of the next day.

All the guests who were still around were invited to 'a session' in the hotel on Sunday hosted by The Canniffe Family. Our new extended family members sure are talented, Tony, Mary,Tim and Dermot have two CD's under their belt already. They play a plethora of instruments and all sing.

They started off singing in the car on long journeys. What do the sing ..well this is a quote from their website :-

The Canniffe Family sing and play songs and tunes from the Irish music tradition. This has not stopped them from also playing Scottish, Cajun or Bluegrass music however. People have been trying to put a label on them for years - "Fun" seems to be the most appropriate word."

They certainly had Lindsay and friend Jenny in tears of that's what wedding hankies are really for!!

We had such a good time and didn't want the weekend ever to end. The session started at noon and by 6pm there were still 35 people singing their hearts out.
Guest singers and musicians from all over Great Britain, Germany, Canada, New York.

We ended with Auld Lang Syne sung like I have never heard it before.

And that really was it!!!

Their latest CD 'Rise Again' is highly recommended. Click on the link at the side of this blog to visit the Canniffe Family website. or go straight to

What a difficult task this has been...there were so many more photos I wanted to show ....I have at least 700 from family and friends and we haven't even seen the official photos yet nor the videos. Treats still to come. I hope I have not bored you all.

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