Friday, September 15, 2006

My outfit

Yes I know I haven't shown you her dress yet...wait for it!

What did I wear...very important!!
Well 'twas a beaded top and chiffon trousers with lots of input from me on the accessories... that was the fun bit. I dyed the silk chiffon scarf to match.. yes it was amazing that I got it right, but what a messy job it was, had to make a huge frame to pin it to....then beaded it to match. Also beaded the handbag to match and made a bracelet and earrings to match the murano glass necklace she gave me.

But the best bit was making a feather headpiece a 'fascinator'. This was my second attempt at making one (show you the other one later) and was a challenge. It was designed round three tatted Epidendrum Orchids in Burgundy Flora 20 and Light Gold Kreinick very fine braid.
The pattern is from Toni Storer's 'A Tatted Bouquet of Orchids', what a fab designer she is.
Lots of feathers and crystals and I felt like a film star!!!

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