Wednesday, January 20, 2010

U.S.A. and Canada.

I now have a link with a Brownie Girl Scout Troop in Texas...yipee!

Last time my only contact in the states was with a leader in Maine who had a relative living near me. The Brownies were all in the 6 to 7 age group and sent us this poster.
Their troop is part of the Abnaki Girls Scout Council which means Land of the Morning they are the first to see the sunrise in the United States of America.

We were delighted when this leader and her daughter came to visit our pack. This really brings home to the girls the fact that there are Brownies all over the world. We wrote to them and swopped scrapbooks and photos and badges/patches.

This is their Brownie Girl Scout pin which is on my very small American badge collection.

My contact in Canada was with a group of Pathfinders in the 12 to 15 age group.

They sent this poster....

 .....and a gigantic laminated poster about Canada.

More posters coming soon, more comments welcome!


  1. Some comments were

    ❦TattingChic said...

    That is really cute! I was a brownie scout! I would've LOVED to have had such a sweet lady such as yourself for my brownie scout leader!

    LOL! My poor mother, I think I gave her a heart attack because I insisted that I really wanted to be a Junior girl scout after being a Brownie and so she scrimped and saved to get me the entire cute Junior uniform and right after I got it I decided I didn't want to be a girl scout anymore! LOL! My mother said, "You don't have to do this if you really don't want to." She supported my decision because the scout leader had a daughter in the troop (same leader for brownies through juniors) that was my age and she favored her daughter and her friends. If her daughter didn't like you her Mom (the troop leader) was mean to you at the meetings! Her daughter used this to manipulate the other girls at school so my Mom supported my decision to leave because I didn't like what I saw happening. I just felt so bad because we didn't have a lot of money and I knew my Mom sacrificed to get me the uniform! Bless her heart. My Mom really did her best.
    20 January 2010 05:19

    Tatskool said...

    Hi Chic, that was awful of the troop leader, she should have known better. In my experience it is always very hard to be the daughter of a leader and let's face it that's why most people become leaders.

    The daughter generally gets the thin end of the wedge as her mother desperately doesn't want to favour her. But the daughter does get so much enthusiasm at home that so many of the children lack. With a bit of luck she will eventually come back as a leader herself.

    I remember my daughter in her late teens making origami paper cranes with the whole pack on her own one day when I was unable to go.
    20 January 2010 16:36

    ❦TattingChic said...

    Yes, you are right, that is generally what happens with daughters of troop leaders or teachers and such...but not in this case, LOL!

    Ah, well, it's all water under the bridge now!

    Hurray for girlscouts and good girlscout leaders! :)

  2. Kathy Niklewicz said...

    This is bringing such back fond memories of my Brownie and Girl Scout time - way back to 1951-1958! Our Brownie outfits were actually brown, with little brown beanies for our heads. I was so proud to wear my beanie! Our Girl Scout uniform was green, with a yellow neckscarf (square knot) and a green felt beret.

    I have VERY fond memories of my scouting years and of our leaders, who were such nice ladies. I always feel I grew up in a 'Golden time', in a wonderful home town where we could walk to school and to all our activities.

    We did very little camping out - just some day trips where we'd go to a local campground and eat hot dogs and have roasted marshmallows on graham crackers with melted chocolate (call 's'mores' - meaning "I want some more of those!") and played games.

    Mostly we did a LOT of crafts, which, of course, I loved. I also loved banging away on the piano in our meeting hall, which was a VFW hall. The 'hall' (torn down to make way for the new hall in the 1980s) was originally a Victorian mansion built in the early 1900s on the estate that became the town park (complete with swings and slides, etc., where I spent most of my time). I had NO IDEA at the time that we were in a house, let alone an historic one! At least there is a photo of it in a town Golden Jubilee book from 1954. Plus a nice photo of our Girl Scout group!

    I still have both my Brownie and Girl Scout pins! The Brownie pin is the same as in your photo on another post, but not as shiny. I'll have to polish mine!

    The only 'required' badge I had difficulty achieving was the 'cooking' badge! My husband can attest to the fact that I have never achieved enthusiasm for that particular line of endeavor!!!
    21 January 2010 04:45
    battatter said...

    I love this post. I was also a Brownie, and I still have my pin and my little belt purse! My Mom was a 'leader' so I have her leader pin too...!
    21 January 2010 17:06
    Tatskool said...

    Hi Kathy, I was a Guide in 1958 too! It was a Golden time. I remember well my Guide Captain, a lovely lady, she lived near by and was for ever Captain to me..even when she was old and gray....mmm that sounds all too familiar!
    Our Guide pins were made of brass and had to be polished each week, now they don't need polishing and are much inferior quality!

    Hi Battater, oh those happy memories..and I am still in them....a year or so ago out for a walk with a new Brownie holding on to my hand (oh! to be so popular!)....she suddenly said...'My mum says you are very nice!'...I was so taken aback and had to work out who her mum could be!!! Figured out she was the patrol leader of my daughter when she was a guide and a Guide leader for a while.

    Can either of you locate a Brownie Guide troop where you live????
    21 January 2010 17:37


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