Monday, January 25, 2010


Dar es Salaam is another special place for me. I was so happy to get a reply from a Brownie Pack.

A super poster. I hope they will take part again.
I don't have a badge collection from Africa. Would love some.

Thank you all for the responses that I am getting , keep them coming and do please leave a comment if you are enjoying this world journey.

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  1. TypsTatting said...

    I think that this is a marvelous journey, and it is interesting to see the work that goes in to these projects!!!!! Oh by the way congratulations on your win!!! in the Typstatting giveaway. Please email me with your details.
    26 January 2010 09:18

    Tatskool said...

    So glad you are finding it interesting. You comment was such a surprise to me, I have been so busy that I ma way behind on blog reading. Thank you, I have just the very place for it.
    26 January 2010 09:46


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