Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wowee! Texas yesterday and today I have been able to contact the Guide association in Singapore.

I would love to be able to send one to Singapore as it holds many happy memories for me.

Last time the only poster that I received from Asia was from the Taiwanese Brownies, Taiwan, Republic of China.

This poster is just delightful and one of my treasures.

Let's have a closer look at some of the drawings.

Isn't this a delightful drawing of a Brownie in uniform.

Pinned to the poster was the Brownie badge (with the frog)and  a Friendship badge, the start of my Asian Collection.

As well as a letter with great stamps the Brownies had made ornaments to hang up, each with a stamp set into it.

It would be so nice to know what the writing means.

Are there any more tatters out there who might be able to find out about Brownies in their country?

All comments will be appreciated even if you can't help.

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  1. Some comments were

    Rayanna said...

    Very Interesting about the Brownies.

    20 January 2010 20:07

    Tatskool said...

    Thanks Rayanna, I hope I have made it a little bit interesting. It still fascinates me thinking about all these kids so far away, brought nearer in one small moment. It even greater when we get to make scrapbooks and send letters.
    20 January 2010 21:47 said...

    Tatskool, how about Sparks? We're in Ottawa, Canada like the Pathfinders you received a package from.
    20 January 2010 22:08

    Tatskool said...

    Hi Victats, I just googled your Sparks, they would be equivalent in age to our Ladybirds. Maybe a little too young for us, the Pathfinders were a little to old last time. We really need the Brownie or Guide age group for our girls to be able to relate too. But I wouldn't rule them out if you think they would enjoy it. We have Ladybirds too, maybe they could send drawings to each other.
    Would it be possible for you to link me to Brownies or Guides?
    20 January 2010 23:29

    Val said...

    The card with fan-shaped cut-out reads: Wishing you forever healthy and beautiful, Wang, Taipei City Girl Guides 14th "Group".

    The card below reads: Wish you health and smooth-sailing in your endeavours, Liu , Taipei City Girl Guides 14th "Group".

    Hope I have the gist correctly translated. :) Have fun.
    21 January 2010 03:21

    Tatskool said...

    Thank you so much Val, all those years I have had these items and I never though I would ever know what they meant. Would an enlargement of the photo help you to read the balloon one?
    I will have to write these words in my book under the cards.
    21 January 2010 17:40

    Tatskool said...

    Wow Val, I can see some of the same characters on the two cards. We play a lot of Mahjong and I wear a Mahjong tile bracelet all the time so the characters fascinate me.
    21 January 2010 17:46 said...

    I will send out an email to the other leaders in my area.
    21 January 2010 22:34

    Val said...

    oh u r so welcome. the 4 characters inside the balloon reads: "happy" and "healthy". can't really tell what the rest on the side is... could be the color or the smudges... might help if it's enlarged.

    majong?! exciting game... but not for me. too stressful and i just can't keep still for over one round of game. lol i can see a 萬 on the bottom card. that's the character "ten thousand".
    22 January 2010 06:35


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