Friday, January 22, 2010

Australia and New Zealand.

My contact in Australia turned out to be a Lone Ranger Guide who also works with a Brownie Pack.
I was so delighted to get a poster back from New South Wales as we were in Sydney for 4 months in 1986 and for two of those we helped out with  a Brownie Guide Pack in Sydney. I still use some of the idea that they taught me. Wonderful kids and a wonderful leader. What are they all doing now?

Lots of interesting things on here, rubbings of the coins....she also sent a sheet of photocopies of all the bank notes.

I don't remember if she sent any badges. My badge banner for Australia is bursting with memories.

Let's zoom in on some of my favourite bits .... the little Koala in Brownie uniform and the Kangaroo in Guide uniform. O also like the woven bookmarks with the Promise and Law on them.

I guess they are celebrating their centenary this year as are Canada, we don't celebrate until next year.

Now to another favourite place....New Zealand. I didn't meet any Guides but I did get to the Guide shop in Aukland to buy as many badges as I could.

I wrote to the Guide shop and they passed our poster on to a Brownie pack who sent this lovely poster back.

Such a lot of work went into this. lets look at a few details.

These are the groups that the Brownies are divided into to. Each one is a six, with a sixer as a leader.

The silver fern is one of the badges that they work for. You can see them all on my badge banner.

A close up of some of my favourites.....

.......they even have Brownie and Guide Buttons!!...and they have the embroidered bookmarks too.Their enrollment badges/pins are just like the Briitsh ones.See the little green plastic good luck Tiki.  Just realised where the little gold Tiki pin that  is rattling around on my desk, came from...the 2 little holes above the plastic one. Now I have to zoom in on the Kiwi brooch set with paua shell.

Battater has just shown a tatted Kiwi and given the HAVE to tat it!


I NEED new contacts for Australia and New date I have, potentially Singapore, Texas. North Carolina, Georgia and Canada(Ottawa).

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