Saturday, January 23, 2010


We received a poster back from a primary school in Sicily.

Wowee! this was a work of art.

With it came a letter......signed by all of the pupils.

The translation the best of our ability

Dear friends,

We are 16 schoolchildren, 9 girls and 7 boys, in Class 4B in the elementary school in Ficarenzzia district of Aciostello near Catania. Catania is a beautiful city in Sicily bathed by the sea of Tonio.

We have received your letter together with the drawing of your land and we are happy to take part in your 'sign of peace'.

We also wish so much for there to be peace always in the world.

For this we send  to you a beautiful poem by the poet Lim-Tiem-Mim called


It's not important who you are,
man or woman,
old or young,
workman or peasant,
soldier or student or merchant.

It's not important what is your creed,
politics or religion.

If you had asked me what is the thing most important to mankind.

I would reply,
first, next, always,


We send many regards to you and return an embrace with the right hand.

Isn't that beautiful.

Can any of my Italian tatting friends find me a link to a Cerchio (Brownie pack) of  Coccinelle  (ladybirds.)

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