Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last but not least are the posters from England. My SIL was my contact in Braintree Essex and the Brownies were from Braintree and Bocking.
It seemed that all the local packs wanted to get involved so I received a whole sheaf of posters.

Wow, what a lot of Brownies!

Now for my UK badge banner, I thought that this was all of them until i went through my swops box today and discovered loads more badges that need sewing on.

 The Brown badges on the right are the old style that are very similar to ours. The rectangular ones are the six/little groups) badges and the triangular ones are interest badges. the square ones are for the footpath, road and highway along which they travel on their Brownie Journey.

On the left are the new funky badges that the kids love. The oval one is a six badge and the diamond shapes are interest badges.

Maybe this merits closer inspection.

Along the top are (well some of them are) badges for the different counties and regions. the ones in the center are mostly for special events. the rainbow in the middle is the badge of Rainbow Guides...the littlest ones. the yellow metal badge on the left is the new Brownie Enrollment pin.

I have got tremendous feedback and lots of groups wanting to take part. USA and Canada are the dominant ones...isn't there any one else out there.

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  1. This continues to be so interesting to me. I was a brownie for a while, until we were to go on a hike and she was afraid I'd fall off a cliff (we lived in the desert ~ the biggest threat would have been snakes). I was such a compliant, obedient little girl; I'd probably been tucked in right beside the leaders. LOL

  2. Thanks for your interest. Some mums are like that but not many nowadays. The leaders would have loved you tho, tucked in with them, well I would have!
    We have the occasional girl who doesn't want to get wet and muddy!


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