Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween fun

Happy Halloween every one.

I think that Ireland is the home of the Halloween tradition and it's celebration is getting bigger and more commercial each year. Not many people decorate their gardens yet but I am sure this will come. I saw some super ones in America, loved the sheaves of corn with cobs wrapped round the lamposts, a real squirrel treat.Not many kids come round trick or treating round here, they've all grown up, pity cos I love it.

We always carve a pumpkin, make pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie..yummy!

This year we had our first adult Halloween party as Lindsay and Dermot were home for the weekend.

It was horrific to see what a coupla months of marriage had done to them!!!

As for me, it was time to dust off the old broomstick and see if it still worked.

We played jengo and mahjong and ate monster cakes!

All this autumnal stuff spawned this birthday card for my sister in law. Card making keeps trying to be my number one craft and I keep resisting. It is such a different absorbing craft that it's hard to stop once the ideas start to flow.

I didn't tat anything for halloween this year but here is a witch I tatted last year, she is Pointy Hat Prue by Carol Amich, a super pattern.

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